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What we offer


Owing to our vast understanding of supply chains, Lundstar Vervoer is a supply chain company with extensive experience & expertise in the logistics industry. Our proposition is simple, we maximize your value by leveraging our vast network throughout Southern Africa . Therefore we do this to provide bespoke value optimizing solution for our clientele.

We offer a fully integrated service that incorporates the planning and management of a multitude of activities across the supply chain field.Our services encompass the sourcing, procurement, transport, warehousing, and distribution of goods & services. Our offering is achievable through coordination & collaboration with valued associates & suppliers; Be they suppliers, intermediaries, 3rd Party Service Providers or Customers.

Fleet Management

We are accurately aware of the differing needs of our clients, which is why we tailor our fleet management solutions to ensure the most appropriate and effective solution for each client needs. In our fleet management offering, we pride ourselves in providing solutions that increase & improve the following:

Operational Efficiency | Productivity | Fuel & Maintenance Savings | Safer Fleet & Workforce | Fleet Management Software


To be a value maximizing paragon in the industry that provides exceptional fully comprehensive logistics services efficiently & economically


To live up to our decree of being a successful value optimizing company.

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Our People

Our employees are undoubtedly our best & most prized assets, it is their dexterity that co-ordinates & insures this well oiled machine runs as well as it does.

We are acutely aware of needs of our clientele & are proficient & resourceful with our level of customer service. Our agile non-bureaucratic structure enables our staff to address issues swiftly.

Initiative, proactiveness & an instict for customer service combined with new technologies further ensures good service levels.
We believe that success is the sum of the small efforts repeated day in & day out.

Value Proposition

Lundstar Vervoer aims to cement itself as the unsurpassed value optimizing company in our industry. We aim to do this by increasing our market footprint as a cost - effective supplier & service provider.

This approach will guarantee that the company builds a profilic platform that will precipitate market share gains in the logistics sector. Our key strategy in achieving this objective is maintained by our vigilance in maintaining standards of swift turnaround times, effective internal communication , staying true to the principles of our organizational structure , & ensuring the clients' wishes are always delivered.